• 1 Male & 1 Female Bearded Dragon. • Full vivarium habitat set up for sale

  Posted: 30.12.18



• 1 Male & 1 Female Bearded Dragon.
• Full vivarium habitat set up with reptile carpet on base & underneath cupboard for storage.
• Any remaining food & calcium powder & feeding tongs. Water spray bottle for daily hydration.
• Any remaining pet-safe cleaning solution including supplies. sponges, scrubbers, metal scoop & bowl etc.
• Various sizes of rocks/stones, new hammock & wooden branch. Artificial greenery leaves/natural planting. Heavy slate slabs to stop slipping.
• Water bowl & food bowl.
• New unopened background backdrop.
• Dual use travel/carry holder, live food container.
• New UV reptile light replacement.
• Basking spot holder & bulb.
• Dome light holder for interchangeable heat emitter & alternative bigger basking spot.
• New unopened 2 spare heat emitter bulbs & starter switch for lamp.
• Habistat dimming thermostat (turns on heat emitter when temperature is too low.)
• Arcadia vivarium controller (works with the arcadia reptile light tubes.)
• Komodo Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer with probes.
• Exo Terra Digital Thermometer (for cooler end.)
• Plug timer socket.
• & anything else I may have forgotten to add!
we have a carry tank to take the dragons home with you. in bedfordshire.


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