2 complete set up vivariums for sale. and geckos

  Posted: 29.01.19



I have 2 complete set up vivariums for sale. One with 2 leopard geckos (males) , and one with 2 wonder geckos (breeding pair) . All animals are healthy, eating and sheding well. Viv size is 45x 45x45 cm. Also incl. The vivarium stand/cabinet . All equipment is exo terra in full working order. Heatpad, thermometer, barometer, basking lamp, canopy, bulbs.
Any questions please ask.

Must be collected in person. Please note, the vivariums are fairly heavy, ideally come with 2 persons to carry it to your vehicle.

Price idicated is for one vivarium set up and animals living in it!
in dorset,
I do not expect both to be sold to the same person, but it would be nice.


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