3 beloved bearded dragons for sale

  Posted: 12.03.19



3 beloved bearded dragons.

They all come with a full setup and could be purchased individually or all together.

We don’t know their exact age but we think they’re between 4-7 years old. They all have slight impairments, missing toes, feet and short tails but are all in good health. They do generally only poop in the bath so be prepared to bathe them regularly and they generally poop less than they should .

We have ;

Titch - very small male bearded dragon with a smaller setup (dark wood viv) . Healthy with a decent appetite but can be picky with Veg. Takes water well. £40 with setup. Quite territorial around other lizards but perfect to handle.

Lady (Barbra) - Sweet female bearded dragon, very healthy appetite for bugs and leafy greens and fruit. Has had her ovaries removed because of health problems so has a big scar down her belly. An absolute darling, wonderful to handle, prefers peace and quiet . Not great at taking water but good with being syringe fed water. (Light wood large Viv) £60

Bernie - hyper dominant female, big personality . Big appetite for bugs and fruit, takes water well. Great to handle. Needs a slightly shorter light/ geat period else she starts producing eggs.( black plastic viv) £60

Each setup has UV bulbs and heat, habitat and timers.

We will only let them go if we know they’re going to good homes . So please experienced reptile owners only or else be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge and preparation for taking one on because it’s no small task.
in york
Collection preferred.


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