5-6ft Female Brazilian Rainbow and Complete Setup !!

  Posted: 10.03.18



Due to being posted out of the UK
with the Army for a couple years I'm having to sell my complete SNAKE set up as I can't take it with me.
Trust me I'm pissed off I have to sell but with my job I've no choice.
I've had my snake since birth for 8 years now, I've spent a lot of money for the set up, sheds regularly and is currently eating Large rats 1-2 weeks between feeds

The Set up consist's of:
A 5ft - 6ft Brazilian Rainbow Snake SIZE SEEN IN PICTURES
A 5ft x 2ft x 2ft Vivarium
A 5ft x 2ft x 2ft Metal Table
A UV lighting set up to act as day light
A night time set up to reveal the VIV at night in a Moon Light colour.
A heat bulb Set up
A heat bulb guard to prevent burning the snake
A sensor/power switch set up so it turns on and off the heating when the required temperature is achieved in the VIV
A second sensor to read out the temp of the hot and cold sides of the viv as well as the humidity.
5 Hides (2 inside the VIV and 3 Spare)
A couple of tree branch type climbing items
2 Large Water Bowls (one has a waterfall attached to it, currently turned off,) (can not promise still works)
couple of plants etc inside the viv as seen in pictures
A spare tube of aquatic sealant previously used to seal the edges of the VIV inside to help prevent water damage of the viv.
A large 1.5ltr pressurised spray to soak the viv in water
Quarter a bag of Orchid Bark
I've alot more pictures of everything if you wish to see them.


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