7 month old Indian Star Tortoise For Sale

  Posted: 08.10.19



I am sadly having to rehome my 7 month old Indian Star Tortoise due to a change in circumstances.

I say “she” but obviously they can’t be sexed until 4/5 years.

She lives in a viv (for humidity - kept around 70-80%) and has lived on a diet of mostly fresh weeds, flowers and grass with the odd tortoise pellet and occasional shop bought lambs lettuce when needed.

She is lovey and healthy, has been very well looked after, her shell is beautiful and not showing any signs of pyramiding.

I am happy to include all the equipment to the new owner for free if required - UVB bulb, night heat lamp, lamp holder, temperature monitor, wooden shelter, bowls, calcium powder, vitamins etc. You’d just need a viv. I paid £225 for her. Please get in touch for more info.in oxfordshire.

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