8 snakes & 1 crested gecko for sale inc vivs

Posted on 15.04.17



I have for sale 8 snakes and 1 crested gecko, all come with accessories and vivariums, they all eat and shed well and are very hand tame. The crested gecko will also come with some food.

1 Male Burmese Python - 3 years old.
1 Male Royal Python - 5 years old.
1 Male Corn Snake - 12 years old.
1 Female Het Albino Boa - 6 years old.
1 Male Caramel Corn Snake - 4 years old.
1 Female Pastel Royal Python - 4 years old.
1 Male Dwarf Boa - 7 years old.
1 Female Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python - 6 years old.
1 Male Crested Gecko - 3 years old.
**no longer has tail**

Collection only.
Can be sold together or separately. Please contact me and let me know which you would like and make me an offer. Thank you.


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