Amel Het Anery Baby Corns for Sale or Swap!

Posted on 08.10.17



I came into possession of these little ones because they hadn't eaten for 2 months and one had not eaten at all. Now all bar one are already on the road to recovery and I'd like to get permanent homes lined up for them asap, even if they won't be leaving quite yet.

They are all Amel het Anery (as far as I was informed), and are roughly 3 months old. Each will each come with their personalised 3l hatchling boxes with a water bowl, a tile, an exo terra hide and a piece of cork bark. This is not the temporary hide/bowl set up in the pictures.

I'm thinking 15 per snake + setup, just to cover the costs of their food and the individual setups I am providing with the snakes, but would very happily accept trades for other snakes and lizards over money as am always looking to expand my collection.

I would like to stress that I'm not selling these guys for profit, I just want them to find good homes, and if asking people to cover the cost of the setup prevents someone from impulse obtaining a free snake then it works out perfectly. Rescuing reptiles isn't something profit comes from with the sheer amount of specialised electrics and food required.

They will not be leaving my care until they have had 4 good meals with me. Given that they eat every 5-7 days, that is roughly 2 weeks time now. I want to make sure of their health after such an extended period of malnutrition and also that their problematic feeder days are done. After that, they will go to their new homes via collection from mine.

Thank you.

Snakes available: ( are current non feeders)
- Will not accept offers until has eaten at least once. Likes to strike everything except food, escape artist.
Vermicelli - Taken one meal with me so far, very friendly. Sweetest temperament.
Tagliatelle - Voracious feeder now, even though only taken one meal with me so far. Very curious and exploratory.
Capellini - Slightly shyer, very much only wants handling on their terms.
Bucatini - Hes a bold little one, (apart from being spooked by strike feeding) hes always trying to get out and explore.
Ziti - Non-feeder from birth until a day or so ago, the smallest and sweetest of them all. Still strike feed skittish.
Macaroni - holdback

Additional pictures available on request.


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