Bearded dragon for sale

  Posted: 11.04.19



I have a lovely bearded dragon that I brought off my friend. I admit I know nothing about them. I only know what I learnt off Google and I feel I'm not giving him everything he needs. He is very friendly never bitten or puffed his beard up. He comes out and my cat. Dogs & Kids are around him the dog loves him. He loves the attention. He would be out more than he was in if he was allowed. He loves his head being stroked in between his eyes. He loves sitting on your chest. The most loving dragon. He sheds. Eats & poops ok. The only thing he needs is a uv light in his tank. He has everything else needed as far as I'm aware. loves his hoppers & wax worms. More fussy with fruit. Veg, don't like crickets. With the right light and a perfect setting he may eat more & better. Comes with sand. Bowls. Log. Hammock. Hide out etc. And 3ft viv with stand. Low price for quick sale and the fact he needs a UV light. I want him to go to someone who knows about bearded dragons. I want him to have a full happy life. Will be sad to see harry go. (Approx age 2-2 5)in shropshire.


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