Bearded dragon with viv for sale

  Posted: 24.01.19



Looking for good home for gentle beardie.

He's Perfect for kids and for adults, most calm and gentle Beardie i Ever seen / had.

He even is kind and nice for other bearded dragons. Usually he hug with them

He love to spend time with humans, never been aggressive. Healthy and well feeded.

Im include some accesories neccesary for start, however you have to have vivarium.

I will provide the Plastic Carry Box with rug to safe transport of reptile. He like travels, so won't be very stressful for him

The things im include for him worth more than i want, but i want to make sure he will find good home

- Microclimate MINISTAT 100
- Basking spot lamp Exo Terra 50W
- Exo Terra Dish
- Live food + calcium for a week
- 2 woods 1 decor second is his fav to sleep.

Accesories smell nice, as he live in clean viv. They are cleaned with Viv Clean by prorep. in cardiff.


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