Bearded dragon with viv for sale

  Posted: 06.04.19



Beautiful 2 year old male looking for a loving home. He has a lovely temperament - very curious and gentle and doesn't mind being handled. He has even been taught to drink water from a syringe. Unfortunately we have been forced to find him a new home as we are moving across continents and are unable to bring him with us. Due to needing to make a relatively quick sale before the move, we're offering a fantastic price which includes both him and his entire vivarium set-up.
This includes:
- 4ft vivarium
- 100W basking light bulb X2 (1 used, and 1 new)
- UVB light
- Slate floor tiles
- Food bowl and feeding tongs
- Calcium powder
- Viv decorations (plants/hides etc.),
in northumberland.


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