beautiful ghost corn snake for sale

  Posted: 08.11.18



Hey so I'm having to sell my beautiful ghost corn snake, I don't want to as I love him dearly but its whats best for him as I cant provide the best environment for him anymore.
Hes around 6 months old, is very docile and has never struck or bitten myself, or anyone who has handled him. Because he is a juvenile he can be a bit jumpy when you first handle him but a few minutes in with careful handling he becomes quickly accustomed to you.
He feeds fantastic and is on 1 hopper a week/every other week.
****I've just ordered him some more food so if you are interested I wont be able to give him until tomorrow (8/11) at the earliest as i'm waiting for delivery of his frozen food.****
He will need rehousing in a couple of months as hes growing fast but he seems comfortable now, he sheds absolutely fine and has had 2 complete sheds with me. He has never refused food.
I need him to go to a good home with reptile care experience/knowledge as he is very precious to me and I'm very sad about having to rehouse him.
He will come with his faunarium, a heat mat and thermostat, a dial thermometer for the warm side, and hygrometer, water dish, two cave hides(i only use one in his tank at the moment as he likes to lounge on his log) his log that's great for his cool side, some decorative fake plants, I have some of his hemp bedding left but you will need to buy some more as hes due a tank clean in about 2-3 weeks,preferably hemp or aspen. I also have some wood chip bedding the seller gave me when i got him, I don't use this as his primary bedding as he likes to burrow sometimes but i sprinkle some of this on his tank floor and it seems to help with his shed.
He will also come with his food, I've ordered 10 hoppers so it should last a couple of months.
I apologize for the long ad description, but I hope the people who take the time to read it are serious about his care and have the knowledge to give him a great life.
Please message me with any questions at all. in west yorkshire.


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