black velvet stick insects

  Posted: 12.06.18



These are black velvet stick insects, native to a hidden valley in Peru now captive bred by me nymphs x4 these will be sent first class recorded sign for £4.80 and someone must be home to take and sign for them, these feed on privet only{ common evergreen hedging plant}
,They like cool surroundings and light spray approx once a week, they are a velvet black with yellow eyes and bright pink bud wings they cant fly these are flashed to deter predators, keep in an airy type tall cage escape proof, keep long well leafed privet branches in a narrow necked vase to prevent drowning of the nymphs, they like some dead privet leaves on the bottom and flattened toilet roll middles to hide in on the bottom, when changing food search for your insects in dead curled up leaves so you don't throw them away!! very attractive insects, these only move around at night, so if cleaning do it in the day time!!! they can move fast if they want to!!!!!devon.


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