Exo Terra set up + 9 month old female crested gecko for sale

  Posted: 13.05.19



I’m selling my full Exo Terra set up + 9 month old female crested gecko
The vivarium is a 45 x45 x 45cm Exo Terra perfectly designed for a small reptile/amphibian it has a double light canopy with heat bulb/ uvb light 2x heat mats there is various decor such as a 3D wall back ground artificial plants and various branches etc there are 3x hides plenty of food ( repashy)
The crested gecko is a female roughly 9 months old eating drinking and pooping as she should be, she is very friendly and loves being held she also still has her full tale as she has been kept and handled with care I’m selling the whole set up and accessories together for a bargain £100 no offers as there is over £300 worth
please note buyer collects as I don’t drive.frm edinburgh.


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