for sale is a complete setup with an Adult Female Chinese Water Dragon

  Posted: 08.01.19



for sale is a complete setup with an Adult Female Chinese Water Dragon who is roughly 8-10 years old, ive had her since she was a baby,

A lttle background of me and the dragon, I have kept and bread Water Dragons for a number of years now, i used to have a massive male but he sadly died of old age and since then ive lost interest in keeping them,

The Female dragon has bread a few times for me, she has a shorter tail as a few years ago she caught it on a branch in the vivarium and it snapped off but its fully healed, as i said this was at least 3 years ago.

She is fully grown and very tame, she loves to be handled but i dont handle her much these days, she can also be fed with your hand and her favourite food is Dubia Roaches which i also breed , she loves Locusts also and Mice (Never fed her live mice only ones frozen from the pet store)


The Vivarium is a Vivexotic Viva+ Arboreal Vivarium & Cabinet (This is the biggest they do) The colour is Walnut but i have it wrapped in gloss white and the doors are grey, (Wrap can be removed by new owner) The viv does have some water damage due to a small leak which i fixed and the damage was years ago and is all fine now and fully sealed.

The Viv has a custom background built into it that i did myself, its expandable foam with bark over it to make it look natural, it has branches etc stuck into the background. It has a waterfall feature but this was what leaked as i didnt seal the pool area correctly so removed it and put a tub in there for the dragon to bathe in, the waterfall feature hasnt been used since.

What comes with this setup

x1 Adult Female Water Dragon
Vivexotic Viva+ Arboreal Vivarium & Cabinet
All decor which includes plants, branches , substrate
Dubia Roach Colony
Auto Rain Mister
External Fog System
various spare bulbs and food
x2 Temp and humidity readers (Both Digital) x1 doesnt seem to read humidity but temp is fine, the other one is new

I do want this sold asap but also i wont sell it cheaply either.

I wont sell any of the parts unless the dragon is sold on her own first as i cant dismantle the viv and take away bulbs etc while she is still living in there

I you want to make me an offer on the whole setup or Dragon then please drop me a text and we can have a chat, Im open to reasonable offers.

This is a very big unit and will require at least two strong people to remove it and a large van, i can help as much as i can while im here tho.

Any other questions please let me know

If I was to sell the Dragon on her own I would want no less than £50 for her as she is a adult. But I would prefer it to go as a job lot of £250,
in merseyside.


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