for sale of our Amel Corn Snake

  Posted: 13.09.18



Reluctant sale of our Amel Corn Snake, Nagini.

‘She’ is around 3 years old and measures around 4ft in length.

‘She’ is extremely tame and very easily handled. We’ve had ‘her’ for nearly 2 years, handling ‘her’ regularly and have never been bitten.

In pristine condition and health.

‘She’ is an excellent feeder. ‘She’ happily eats thawed frozen mice from feeding tongs in ‘her’ feeding tub. ‘She’ strikes and constricts the mice before eating them. ‘She’ usually digests the mice within 48 hours. We’ve never had a regurgitation from ‘her’.

‘She’ has always shed perfectly with the most recent being a week ago.

As far as snakes go, I’d say ‘she’s’ absolutely perfect.

I call ‘her’ ‘she’ but we’ve never had ‘her’ sexed so ‘she’ could quite possibly be a ‘he’.

‘She’ will come with ‘her’ 3ft vivarium (which ideally needs to be replaced for a 4ft vivarium now), water bowl, feeding tongs, hides, plastic plants, aspen bedding, under viv heat mat, thermostat, climbing branch, water safe, viv cleaner, feeding tub and if I have any left over, some frozen mice.

This is an extremely reluctant sale. I will be devastated to see ‘her’ go. I have set the price as it is to ensure an honest home. It’s important to me that ‘she’ goes to the right person. Please don’t be offended if I ask lots of questions about your knowledge of owning snakes. frm west midlands.


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