Indian Stick Insects for sale

  Posted: 13.04.18



Indian Stick Insects for sale, very easy and cheap (pretty much free!) to maintain, making an ideal pet for youngsters, these have been bred by my 5 and a half year old daughter! They feed on a weekly supply of fresh Ivy, Oak and / or Bramble leaves which can be gathered for free from pretty much anywhere locally all year round, and just require a mist spray of water on the leaves and inside of habitat once every couple of days. For just £3 (pocket money for my little girl) you will receive 6 stick insect nymphs. This works out at just 50p per Stick Insect, but we will also provide a couple of BONUS stick insects for absolutely FREE! They are supplied to you with a temporary home made habitat included in the price. We keep ours in a cheap plastic fish tank (£6 from Wilkinsons) which we line the bottom of with tissue paper which is also changed weekly when food is replaced. They will be around 8-10cm long at 6 months old and producing eggs when fully grown, and can be handled from around 3 months old. We will be happy to give a full demonstration of how to look after them, handle them, and answer any questions upon dorset.


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