lovely corn snakes for sale

  Posted: 16.02.19



These lovely corns were born in August 2018 (CB18), so have a well established eating and shedding routine. Parents can be seen.
If you're new to snakes, corns are a great starting point. Happy to provide advice and care sheet if needed.
If you want 2 or more, then I'm willing to consider delivering them in the Reading/Maidenhead area.

If you need a full set up, I can provide a new vivarium with all the necessary equipment at cost . There are a couple of options that I've found that I think are really good buys.

The first is an Exoterra Faunarium 18" x 12" x 6.5" - with Aspen, a small Heat Mat and Thermostat to make sure your baby snake is kept safe and at the correct temperature, a half coconut hide and a small water bowl. All for £80 (including one baby snake)

The second is a 2 foot vivarium (choice of colours beach, walnut, oak, black) with Habistat 11x11inch heatmat, Microclimate MiniStat100 Thermostat, Exo Terra Small Water Bowl, Pro Rep Aspen Bedding and 2 Small Exo Terra Reptile Cave Hides All for £130 (including one baby snake)

I can order the vivarium with a small deposit (delivery takes about 1 week) and am happy to help you put it together.

Please get in touch if you've got any questions,frm berkshire.


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