Pair of leopard geckos for sale.

  Posted: 02.01.19



Pair of leopard geckos for sale.
Male is a sunglow raptor
Female is raptor (snake eye)
so all baby’s are sunglow raptors and most have snake eyes.
(Raptor = tremper albino+ eclipse)

Selling them due to changing what species I want to breed.
They have been living happily together for three years with no aggression or fights. They are both super tame. The female lays 10 fertile eggs a year from March to July every 25 days or so. Male is around 80 grams and female is around 60 grams. They are feed on Dubai roaches, locusts and mealworms. There baby’s are stunning as seen in the other photos but the photos don’t do them justice. The baby’s will sell for 30-80 each depending on gender and colour. Any questions feel free to surrey.


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