Phelsuma grandis (female) with fully set up for sale

  Posted: 10.07.18



Phelsuma grandis (female) with fully set up Exo Terra vivarium, matching Exo Terra stand/cabinet, matching canopy with relevant bulbs, heat lamp and pad etc. Healthy animal, eating and sheding very well, approx. 2 years old. Ideal starter set up, low maintenance as it is its own eco system with silvertails, plants etc. Animal not suitable to be handled, however this is a Day Gecko is therefore active during the day - amazing colours, stunning animal!!! Any questions please ask.
The price is for the entire set up which is an absolute bargain, plus this is already established, low key maintenance - just feed the animal and maintain the vivarium (clean and check humidity levels). Much easier to keep than a fish tank!!!dorset.


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