pink tongue skink babies for sale

  Posted: 25.03.18



Baby pink tongues will be ready to go around 8 weeks old (15th May 2018).

Feeding on raw turkey mince and raw/scrambled egg and also enjoy live or tinned snails.

Pink tongues require a source of uv and a basking spot of 30 degrees C with the cold end around 23/24 degrees.

Babies require the tank to be misted twice daily with water as they drink water off the walls and decor over a water bowl.

They are semi-arboreal meaning they do love to climb and prefer heights and levels over floor space.

They can be flighty and fast as babies but calm and very easy to handle as adults. Will grow up to around 25cm, with half of that being the length of the tail.
frm cheshire.
Mum and dad are available to see.


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