Tarantulas for sale

  Posted: 20.09.18



1 x C. Darlingi (Horned Baboon sp) 4” in size freshly moulted with 3L braplast tub - £25 (Aggressive)

1 x C. Marshalli (Horned Baboon sp) 1.5” in size in deli cup - £10 (Pet hole)

1 x P. Murinus (Orange Bitey Thing) 1” in size in small deli cup - £10 (Orange pet hole)

P. Metallica (Saphire Ornamental) 1-2” missing a leg or two in small deli cup - £20

1 x T. Ockerti (Peruvian Flame Rump) 0.5” in size in mini deli cup - £5

1 x H. Lividium (Cobolt Blue) 0.5” in size in small vile - £8,
in oxfordshire.


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