vivaruim for sale

  Posted: 06.06.19



I'm selling this reptile enclosure with some extras. Please note that it comes with no animal and NO LIGHT BULB, although the lamp can be tested when collecting.
I modified this enclosure to have a more open view and better ventilation of the enclosure.

Measurements are:
(91.5cm Width x 53cm Height x 47cm Depth)
Enclosure comes with:
4 Hides
2 Rocks
1 Lamp
2 Food/water dish
1 Thermostat
1 Humidistat
4 Wood sticks
1 Heat matt
1 Fake hanging plant
1 Cardboard background

The enclosure has 2 fitted wood sticks and the glass doors too that can not be removed.
Overall great conditions, no humidity problems. Done and ready to be use!



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