emperor scopion

  Posted: 09.06.15



One of the worlds largest Scorpions, easily reaching 8 inches, these things are beautiful, powerful, and can eat just about anything they can overpower. They eat crickets for us, but will take just about any other feeder item of appropriate size (read: that they can overpower). They glow a fluorescent teal under a blacklight, though we dont recommend that you leave a blacklight on them for any period of time due to potentially hazardous radiation. With a 5-8 year lifespan in captivity, these animals make for a wonderful choice for the beginning arachnid keeper, or anyone else who just appreciates a big terrifying bug with a surprisingly gentle demeanor. Import restrictions have change on this species, and though they were once absolutely ubiquitous, theyre not quite difficult to obtain with any regularity, so implore those interested, to grab them while theyre available! Very mild venom that will not be dangerous to most people, but ALWAYS remember that venom affects everyone differently and some people can have terrible adverse reactions. Be safe and always respect venomous (and non-venomous!) animals!



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