leopard gecko and terrariums for sale

  Posted: 24.02.20



Hello I am selling all my leopard gecko and terrariums
90 cm x 45cm x 30cm Exo Terra Terrarium £120
Exo terra official wooden stand £20
Exo Terra 90cm light canopy £40
All together £140 (heat mat, decor & waterfall included with this vivarium)

45cm x 45cm x 30cm Exo Terra Terrarium £50
Zoo Med Dual Bulb Light Source £20
All Together £60 (heat mat and decor included with this vivarium)

30cm x 30cm x 45cm Exo Terra Terrarium £30
Exo Terra 30cm Light Canopy £20
All together £45 (heat mat & decor included with this vivarium)

Both Under 1.5 Years
Blazing Blizzard Super Snow £50
Tremper Sunglow £35

All under 2 Years
Tremper tangerine £50
Tremper albino enigma £40
Blazing Blizzard Super Snow £50
Sunglow £35

Can do deals on multiple buys
frm london.
If Everything Bought At Once Can do Deal


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